Gov. Christie Makes A Stop In AC -

Gov. Christie Makes A Stop In AC, talks tourism

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Wednesday Gov. Christie rolled out his plan to continue rebuilding efforts in New Jersey, at the travel association's conference on tourism, as well as unveiling some exciting news for the garden state. Like the Miss America pageant being held in Atlantic City for the first time in 6 years.

"This is not a job for me, this aspect of it. It is a mission", says Gov. Chris Christie in a room of tourism enthusiasts.

 That mission Gov. Christie is choosing to embark on is to continue to get Atlantic City, and the rest of the New Jersey shore back in shape.

 "It's something bigger then our own self interest. It's something bigger than our own bank account, it's bigger than that," states the Governor.

The governor also revealed an advertising campaign for the Jersey shore, to help boost tourism post sandy.

 "We'll use about 30 million on a advertising campaign that will begin late April early May to advertise the Jersey shore," he says.

 This campaign is aiming to get the word out that places that got hit hard by hurricane sandy, are ready and primed for business.

 "It is the touch and feel of this place that is what we need to make sure we restore," quotes the Governor.

With 900 million dollars of federal grant money coming for small and medium sized businesses that had to shut down due to Sandy, things are looking up for New Jersey tourism, especially after a record breaking year 2012.

"New Jersey travel and tourism industry set a new record in 2012 recording nearly 40 billion dollars in total tourism demand," the Governor says proudly.

New Jersey will also be receiving funds from other states in the country to continue rebuilding. The Governor says there is still more work to be done, but is very proud of the efforts of community members that have helped put New Jersey back together piece by piece.

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