Irish musicians entertain crowds in Cape May -

Irish musicians entertain crowds in Cape May

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In Cape May more than 100 people celebrated St. Patrick's Day through song and dance.

"They were dancing, they were clapping, they were stomping their feet!"

Award winning musician Mick Moloney brought Ireland to Cape May Sunday afternoon for an Irish concert to celebrate the holiday.

Moloney said, "Today's event was a very special one because it's St. Patrick's Day and you could end up in a lot of noisy pubs, you know, where people are not listening to the music at all and it was such a privilege really to come down here to Cape May to the convention center and have an absolutely attentive, wrapped audience."

Moloney and several other musicians played for over 2 hours while educating the audience on Irish heritage in between songs.  Moloney explained, "It brings people together in a festive atmosphere and all of the songs and tunes have stories connected with them so you don't necessarily have to be a musician to understand the music.  Hopefully you're going to get something out of it."

Linda Reddon, a concert attendee, said, "He's very informative with regards to the Irish culture and the Irish music and dance, and I'm very interested in learning more.

Many people we spoke with after the show said they were impressed with the performances and eager to learn more about the culture.

Another concert-goer, Ed Marlin, said, "For the Irish, the dancing, it's something very integral for their society."  He then added, "Everybody was tapping their feet and ready to go for more."  Moloney said, "It's one aspect of Irish culture that we represented this afternoon."

Some of the guests in attendance said they enjoyed the show so much they plan on making this a St. Patrick's Day tradition.  Reddon told NBC40, "I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed this and this is going to be a new St. Patrick's Day tradition for us."  Marlin said, "We've gotten into Irish dancing and certainly it's the best thing in our life to come about."

Food and beverages were supplied by The Ugly Mug and featured Irish beers such as Guinness and Smithwicks.

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