Children bake matzah, learn heritage at pre-Passover event -

Children bake matzah, learn heritage at pre-Passover event

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 Culture and cuisine came together Sunday afternoon at the Model Matzah Bakery as children came to Margate to get hands on history lesson.

"It is important for children to study in a way that brings the traditions alive in a way that they can actually hold, touch and feel," said Rabbi Avrohom Rapoport.

 "The lessons are not just out of a book but in a way that's fun and exciting."

A tradition spanning from the distant past to today, from generation to generation.

"Some of the parents who have participated in the Matzah bakery when we first started are now bringing their children to partake in the family fun tradition to prepare for the holiday of Passover," said Rabbi Rapoport.

As for the kids, they had the chance to roll, bake, and of course eat the matzah they made.

"It was fun when we put on the hat and dipped our finger in the dough and put it on our nose," said Jessie Alkins.

For the parents in attendance, the educational value of the afternoon was not lost in all of the fun.

"They get to learn about Passover and learn about making matzah and why we eat matzah on Passover," said parent Todd Forman.

So whether they were fast rollers or went with the slower approach, or topped their matzah with peanut butter or chocolate, organizers are hoping the Model Matzah Bakery will provide a connection with their Jewish heritage that will last a lifetime.

"Seeing the children smiling and enjoying to learn about their heritage is really special," said Rabbi Rapoport.

 "To me, this shows that it will be remembered for a very long time and hopefully passed on to their children as well."

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