AC family mourns bicyclist killed by tractor trailer -

AC family mourns bicyclist killed by tractor trailer

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The wounds are still fresh for the family of Tariq Davis. Davis was hit by a tractor trailer and killed as he was crossing Rhode Island Avenue on his bike Thursday night.

Family members say the 26-year-old was a good man and did everything he could to provide for his family.

"When you say 'Jack of All Trades' that's the type of person he was," said Davis' grandmother. "He worked uptown at the nursing home then he did carpentry, painting, everything."

"Excellent young man," said Davis' grandfather Ray Gibbs. "Not a street person. Doesn't do drugs. Very kind, mild, helpful. It's just a shame. There aren't a lot of them like him."
This accident comes just a day after a plan was presented to City Council that would make the city's streets safer for bicyclists, even adding a bike lane on Atlantic Avenue.
"It's not a good idea. It's too much. It would be too cluttered." Christopher Lopez says he's been biking in Atlantic City since he learned to ride, and while he sees the benefit of a dedicated bike lane, he doesn't see it working on Atlantic Avenue.

 "Personally I don't thin it'd be a good idea on the main street. If it was on a back street, why not?"

But not everyone agrees with Lopez. Family of Davis see the benefits a bike lane offers.

"Actually it's a good thing cause as I said, a lot of people do like to ride their bikes because the city is so compact with traffic," said Gibbs. "Most of the time it's easier to get around on a bicycle, but to have a bike path in the city. I think that's an excellent idea. And it'll be nice when it's put into place."

Put into place so that no other Atlantic City family will be left with only memories.

"Hopefully we'll put this behind us very soon. But the memories will last forever."


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