Atlantic City Discusses Bike & Pedestrian Path -

Atlantic City Discusses Bike & Pedestrian Path

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Wednesday, The Atlantic City, city council heard preliminary plans regarding the addition of a bicycle and pedestrian walkway along Atlantic Avenue.

 "It's a technical services grant awarded to the city with our professional services to make recommendations to improve biking and walking for the city," says Denise Chaplick, who is the Senior Planner of the Bike and Pedestrian walkway project. 

 The plan, based on an ongoing study of bike and pedestrian traffic in the city, would use grant money to add bike and walking lanes along city streets. Based on the study, the plan presents 5 key components about how and why adding bike lanes can boost business, and increase the city's moral.

 "Biking and walking is an indicator of a healthy community. A healthy community attracts business, attracts and retains residents and so forth," says Chaplick.

 Safety is another focus of the plan, calling for more to be done to ensure the welfare of all pedestrians.

 "Also, there seems to be a need to address pedestrian safety. We've identified as part of our study, some extreme conditions that involve pedestrian safety," Chaplick claims.

 Some Atlantic City residents, are embracing this proposed plan with open arms.

 With one resident saying, "I feel like it's a start. I think its great that we do something. I think Atlantic City should be more bike friendly. I mean we are a vacation town, and people like to ride bikes here."

 City council however, received this plan with some reserve, expressing some frustration, because this almost two year study was brought to their attention for the first time on Wednesday.

 Furthermore some council members feel as though, Quote: "The city has larger fish to fry", and with Atlantic City residents homes still in need of much needed repair due to hurricane sandy. And because of that, it is unknown when council will move forward with the plan.

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