ACHS cafeteria recently closed due to 'unsatisfactory' report -

ACHS cafeteria recently closed due to 'unsatisfactory' inspection

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A local high school will soon be re- inspected by the health department after reports show its cafeteria recently had to be shut down due to "grossly unsanitary conditions." Students wish they had heard the news sooner, and from someone else.

"It's kinda disgusting, really." Students at Atlantic City High School have the same reaction, "It's kind of disgusting," said Molly Dugan, "yeah, it's disgusting," upon hearing the news that their school's cafeteria was recently shut down by the Health Department due to "grossly unsanitary conditions considered hazardous to public health."

"It makes me worry that like, some people that go to that school, some kids, that's all they eat all day," said Dugan.

According to an inspection report obtained by NBC 40 from the city's health department dated February 28th, "too numerous to count" mouse droppings were found all over the prep and serving areas in the cafeteria, along with dead mice found near the dish washing machine…it's all news that doesn't sit well with students.

"This is actually kinda big for some students, including me," said senior, Reginald Dawson, "I think that's kinda grotesque to me."

"I don't even eat in the cafeteria," said Lara Storr, a Sophomore, "but it's still not something I wanna hear going to high school there."

"I never heard this news until now," said Alex Acevedo, "you just told me."

This isn't the first time the school was cited for having a problem with mice. Health Department officials say in February of last year, rodent droppings were found during an inspection, and in November of 2011, more rodent droppings were found, resulting in another unsatisfactory report that forced the cafeteria to once again shut down temporarily. "We should have a letter sent to our house or something or they should make phone calls," said Dugan, "they make phone calls for like spirit days and half days or whatever, they should definitely tell us about that."

In both cases of the unsatisfactory reports, a re-inspection the next day allowed the cafeteria to re-open, with inspectors being satisfied with the steps taken to correct the issues. We're told another re-inspection will happen in the very near future to make sure this time around, everything is up to the health department standards - if not, an administrative hearing could be held

The Superintendent told us that the issue has been taken care of, but declined to comment any further.  Calls to the Assistant Superintendent were not returned.

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