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Police warn of Brigantine burglaries

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Police in Brigantine are warning residents to stay vigilant and watch out for suspicious activity after a number of home break–ins over the last week.

For the most part this time of year the streets in Brigantine are pretty empty and police say thieves are taking advantage before the busy summer season.

"This past Saturday when I got home I noticed my curtain rod was broken and I noticed the window wasn't the same as I left it," victim Emiliya Yakhnovskaya said.

Emiliya says she left her house for just a few hours and that's when someone made their way into her Ocean Ave. home.

Emiliya says her house wasn't the only one. Police say at least four houses have been hit in the last week alone.

"Basically someone violated your space and you know that someone was actually watching you the whole time. They knew my schedule,"Yakhnovskaya said.

Just a week before, someone opened Emiliya's window but took nothing. She thinks after they realized she had no alarm system they came back.

Police say these thieves are potentially hitting in broad daylight. What they do is come up to a window and pop it open. And once they get inside, Police say they have one thing in mind.

"They are specifically targeting flat screen TV's and we had are incident where a laptop was stolen," Det. Sgt. Brian Feehan said.

Police believe the thieves are hitting homes around late afternoon through the evening hours.

"Lock your doors, lock your windows. Be vigilant. If you see someone looking around call us. You may think its nothing but we want to know about it," Feehan said.

As for Emiliya, she says going home at night now makes her nervous.

"I still have that feeling when I get home I have. I still have that unsafe feeling," Yakhnovskaya said.

All of the homes that have been burglarized so far have been both summer rentals and year round residents. The houses hit are located between 27th and 39th streets on or near Ocean Ave.

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