Atlantic City faces another powerful storm -

Atlantic City faces another powerful storm

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A familiar and unfortunate combination of wind and rain has once again made its way to Atlantic City.

"The national weather service says it won't be letting up till tomorrow (Thursday) night and its even going to go with a high tide into Friday morning," said Director of the Atlantic City Office of Emergency Management, Tom Foley.

This most recent coastal storm is packing wind gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour and tidal flooding in several locations as the city tries to weather another storm.

"This will be approximately 2 feet less than we had in sandy but the winds will prevail until early Friday morning," said Foley.

On the deserted boardwalk in Atlantic City the rain is slowly changing to snow.

Elsewhere in the city, Foley says the Thursday morning 4am high tide could bring higher waters to areas already covered.

"The bays aren't allowed to drain right now because you have the nor'easter going on but we're hoping the winds will change before hand," said Foley.

"If they change out of the northwest it won't be as severe but if it stays in the northeast, we're going to have some pretty severe flooding in the back bays."

Foley says the Wave Parking Garage is available for people to park their cars while their streets are flooded.

As for the wind, it has already claimed a lifeguard stand on States Avenue and a billboard outside of Caesars' while knocking out the power in various parts of the city.

"Currently we have power out in Lower Chelsea areas, all of Chelsea Heights, and I'm being told it goes all the way down the island to Longport."

And with what appears to be a long night ahead, Foley is encouraging residents to use their best judgment.

"Be safe, and don't go out if you don't have to."

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