Delaware Bay mayor says township not ready for storm -

Delaware Bay mayor says township not ready for storm

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Officials along some Delaware Bay communities say they feel naked and unprepared and they are simply hoping for the best with this nor'easter.

The winds started blowing late Tuesday night. Debris from Sandy still lays scattered across Fortescue and now residents are waiting to see what will hit Wednesday night.

"You see my garage is out there. If got blown away. There was a boat hoist over there and it's gone, so the worst is behind us. It can't deal us anymore than its already dealt us," Dale Tanner said as he sat on his back deck surrounded by devastation.

Dale tanner lives on the water in Fortescue, now he looks on at his neighbors house that is half way in the water.

Downe Township's mayor says he fears houses like Dales neighbors' may go out to sea Wednesday night because his township is not ready for this storm.

"Extremely worrisome we could lose homes, we could lose infrastructure, and some of the roads are already washed out," Mayor Robert Campbell said.

Downe Township has spent nearly a half million dollars on flood mitigation since Sandy, but those projects aren't finished yet. The mayor says government red tape leaves his town in limbo.

"Had we done some of the things we needed to do, we could have been funded by FEMA. We could have some protection, but as it stands right now we are 100 percent vulnerable to any kind of storm that comes through here in the next 24 hours," Campbell said.

Most residents NBC40 spoke with Wednesday say they are going to ride out the storm, but what they are concerned about is their bulkheads. Many houses in Fortescue hang in the water from Sandy and now the mayor says he has no idea what Thursday morning will hold.

"I have no idea what we are going to wake up to," Campbell said.

"Right now with no bulkhead, which I've lost from Sandy, water goes all the way up to the front steps of the house," Tanner said.

Tanner says he and his brother will continue to monitor the tides and winds through out the night and hope for the best.

As of Wednesday night, there are no evacuation notices for South Jersey.


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