Business owners growing tired of constructio -

Business owners growing tired of construction

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As construction crews continue their work on the county's 1.5 million dollar drainage project, business owners are growing weary.

Lee Hambro of Hambro's house of music says a lack of signs pointing out detours has made navigation difficult for employees and customers a like.

"It's been kind of crazy," said Hambro.

"People are complaining, they just give up. They try to get in and say screw it, I'll come back."

Hambro says he has considered canceling music lessons due to construction.

Nearby at The Cigar Boxx, employees say the roadwork is taking a bite out of business during an already slow time.

"You can see the difference in business which usually is the opposite, usually we're busier in the morning, slower at night. Now it picks up after the construction goes home around three o'clock," said Jerry Eget of The Cigar Boxx

Businesses say the construction has been going on for months and that Friday morning's gas leak only complicated a difficult situation.

"Today was the worst, said Phil Westhuis, Manager of CLC Bookcenter.

"Some days I'm sure it affected us, a couple hundred dollars maybe. But today people couldn't get here this morning because of the gas leak."

County officials say the drainage project is in phase two of work and should wrap up in a few weeks.

Officials say this project will be followed by a full paving job that will take place at night and should finish this spring.

In the mean time, customers and businesses wish for an easier way.

"Just the difficulty of getting to where you want to get to, or you can get to other places you don't want to get to," said CLC Bookcenter customer Bill Southrey.

 "So they need to just correct that I'd say or make it a little easier for the people."

"Either streamline it, pick it up, get it done or maybe do it at night if possible," said Eget.

County officials say this current project is necessary to correct the drainage problem in the area.

Officials say drainage and flooding has been an issue for years on Tilton Road and the project will alleviate the issue.

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