Cumberland County battle field could soon become historical site -

Cumberland County battle field could soon become historical site

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Some members of the Cumberland County community are seeking a grant that they say will shed light on the truth behind a suspected Revolutionary War battle site.

Revolutionary War history is said to be rooted here in Port Norris, and some members of the Cumberland County community say they will stop at nothing to shed light on the truth.

"Get something going all the way back to the Revolutionary War era right here in Cumberland County would certainly an asset to our tourism and our economy."

Ella Boykin is referring to the rumored battle of Dallas' Landing, a gruesome fight between the British and American soldiers.

On Tuesday night the Cumberland County Freeholders put forth a resolution awarding nearly $50,000 to Boykin and the other members of the Cultural and Heritage Commission for further research regarding the battle.

"People are doing a lot of genealogy today and looking back at their forefathers and those who were around at that time," said Cumberland County Freeholder, Tony Surace.

According to folklore the battle occurred on the Maurice River in 1781. The fight left 7 British officers dead and they are said to be buried along the river.

If granted the money, the Heritage Commission says they hope to find the bodies.

"It would mean we have a rich heritage, an exciting I would think a very exciting history and would actually make it a historical site," said Boykin.

Both the Commission and Freeholders say they hope that if the money is awarded, that it comes sooner than later, because Freeholder Surace says the elements are not in their favor.

"We are looking forward to having it established and getting it done before the sea level rises and we have a problem in this area with the burial site and a threat of it being lost."

But they say the history will not be lost, and that they will find a way to uncover the truth, no matter the outcome of the grant application.

The Commission is also seeking $75,000 from the National Park Service who could not to be reached for comment.

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