Animal abuse investigation underway -

Animal abuse investigation underway

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An animal cruelty investigation is now on going in Cape May County.

Tied up in freezing conditions, living in inadequate shelter, one of the dogs involved in the investigation is believed to have been left outside for at least two weeks and this wasn't the only one.

"I witnessed another dog on the property, in a kennel with frozen water, no food, improper shelter and fecal matter all over the kennel. The dog couldn't walk anywhere without stepping in it," animal control officer Jay Jessie said.

This all taking place at a home on Lincoln Avenue in Woodbine, a municipality with some of the strictest regulations for animal care.

The owner of these dogs is in jail for an unrelated case, the woman in charge of the animals was warned to correct the abuse, but nothing was done. This week she was issued a summons according to family members, again she took no action.

"It's an ongoing issue. I think early on there was recognition that these animals needed to be brought in," Veterinarian Dr. Nick Holland said.

Thursday morning we knocked on the door and tried to reach the woman. We got no answer, but we did receive a phone call shortly after saying the dogs would be taken care of.

Just hours after our first knock, the dogs were signed over to the Cape May County Shelter.

"You can see a little bit of the ribs around here. It just seems they were kept outside twenty four seven," Shelter Manager Judith Davis-Dunhour said.

The two dogs are expected to survive and could be up for adoption within the month, while this is a good ending, Shore Animal Control wants everyone to remember animals should never be left outside in freezing conditions.

The woman who was in care of these dogs tells NBC40 she has been dealing with a family emergency out of the area for the last nine days.

Authorities say the investigation continues and there is no word yet on when or if charges will be filed.

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