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Ocean City beach replenishment begins; amid controversy

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A new multi–million dollar beach replenishment project is now underway in Ocean City, but it's causing some controversy.

For at least the next two months sand will continue to gush from a pumping pipe 24 hours a day, feeding beaches from Seaspray Road to 14th street.

"You look at it at first with the dunes here, but once you stand on the top here you realize there's not beach on the other side," Dan Hambridge said.

Dan Hanbridge and his family came to check out the beach where they vacation, he says he was shocked by what he saw.

Much of the beaches at the north end of Ocean City were scheduled to be replenished before Sandy, but the situation became desperate after the storm.

"One of the reasons why we come here as opposed to going further north is because the beach is so big" Leigh Hanbridge said.

But while the beaches are being fixed at the north end, at the south end of Ocean City nothing is being done and residents don't understand why.

"My concerns are that if you take a look the beach down here... that we need replenishment. We need a lot of work," resident Bob McKenna said.

At most of the north end beaches from 50th street to 59th street, beach erosion is evident and dunes are hardly in existence. Residents say they had protection from dunes before Sandy and if they are not going to see beach replenishments, they at least want dunes. Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian is responding.

"I'm working really hard. I know what they want. They feel they have been slighted a little bit, but that is absolutely not true. We're going to put dunes back in were going to some berms back in, we're going to do everything we can to get that beach back to where it was," Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian said.

Mayor Gillian says there are a number of different factors as to why no project is underway on the south end, including environmentalist opposition and fish and wildlife laws.

Residents say leaders need to make something happen soon.

"If we get another storm down here, we'll all be swimming out here on Asbury Avenue," McKenna said.

This project at the north end is expected to be finished in early May.


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