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Local motorcycle club gives back to community

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Loud, proud, and generous, the Unleashed Rydaz motorcycle club has found a way to combine both their love of bikes and community.

"Some of the guys I that I have, careers range from law enforcement down to your everyday cook," said Unleashed Rydaz Vice President Quentin Smith.

"And we just see the need in the community for stand up individuals to come out and support the younger men, the younger kids, and to show them there's a different side to life besides running around getting in trouble."

Formed in 2005, and recently featured in a national bike magazine, the 15 Atlantic County members, as well as chapters in North Carolina, Virginia and soon to be Colorado, participate in numerous charitable events throughout the year both locally, and across state lines.

"We have a diaper program that we support out in Delaware, we also support the local charities, The United Way, The Red Cross, any kind of charity that's going on because we want to make a difference," said Smith.

And whether it's passing out presents at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission or organizing a health fair this August, the Unleashed Rydaz aim to lead by example.

"We do all kinds of fundraisers and try to stay focused out here with the kids in the community, our future is with the little ones out here and we got love for them," said Unleashed Rydaz Sergeant at Arms, Kahlil Timberwolf.

The Unleashed Rydaz encourage anyone who loves to ride and wants to lend a hand to the community to flag them down if they see them riding around town.

As for the current members, they will continue to ride, pursuing their passions both on and off the road.

"We love the response we get, the community that came out and supports us," said Smith.

"Its just an overwhelming experience that we didn't think it would be this great. It's growing, we love it."

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