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A.C. newest firefighters learn fire prevention during week six of training

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Training continued for Atlantic City's 13 newest firefighters during week six of their instruction.

Extinguishing the blaze. It's what the job is all about, but this time Atlantic City's 13 newest fire fighters are reverting back to the basics.

"You think of firefighters and you think of the big fire trucks and the hoses and everything. But fire extinguishers are generally easily deployed, very quick and often times the most affective at putting out a fire," said recruit Tim Brining.

The fire extinguisher; Sometimes forgotten but is extremely important when it comes battling a smaller blaze.

"The most popular extinguishers we use are A, B, and C which is a dry chemical that will work on normal material," said recruit, Mauro Sandoval.

"A is a natural fire, wood, trash, stuff like that. B is a liquid gas," said recruit, Patrick McDevitt.

And C is for use when faced with an electrical fire.

"A common misconception is that water puts out all fires, just all extinguishers have water," said recruit, Eric Koob. "But in reality there's all types of different extinguishing agents for different types of fires."

This type of training is important for other people to under stand as well. If properly trained you can utilize these skills at home.

But there's no shame in calling the professionals for help. Even first responders use a buddy system when putting out the smallest trash can or grease fire.

"You are never by yourself. You never go in alone," said Brining. "You always have someone backing you up just in case something else goes wrong."

Learning how to react when something does go wrong recruit Adrian Wilson says is among the things these men will learn during their final weeks of training.

"It's coming down to the final stretch, only 2 more weeks. I can't wait to graduate on March 1st," said Wilson "The last couple of weeks I think it's going to be more job training, and I cant wait for it."

Organizations are able to set-up a fire extinguisher training class by reaching out to the Atlantic City Fire Department.

NBC40 will continue to follow the recruits for the remainder of their training.

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