Vineland Board of Ed votes for school uniforms -

Vineland Board of Ed. votes for school uniforms

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After what one board member said was a year and half of planning and research, a unanimous vote by the board of education brought school uniforms to Vineland.

The uniforms of red, black and white shirts with khaki pants will take effect in September with the full support of board members.

"My belief is that school uniforms will reduce the amount of violence we currently have in our schools," said Board of Ed member Carlos Mercado.

"It kind of prevents bullying. You don't pick on kids for what they wear or what they bring to school, etc. Everybody dresses the same. Its also cost effective," said fellow Board of Ed member Diamaris Rios.

Both Mercado and Rios say they have done their own research on the cost of uniforms and found they are typically easier on family's budgets, a fact that has some Vineland parents in favor of the uniforms.

"I would definitely endorse the idea of my son wearing a school uniform. I have three kids in Vineland public school and economically it would be a great idea," said Vineland mother Paulette Davis.

So with board members and parents behind it, how do the students feel?

"They don't want the uniforms at all. They definitely don't," said Davis.

Several Vineland students expressed their mixed feelings during a game of pick–up basketball.

"It doesn't bother me. I'd rather wear uniforms then spend all this money on clothes," said Vineland High School student Nyasia Almodovar.

"I don't think we should have uniforms cause I don't like them forcing me to wear something that I don't want to wear," said VHS student Justin Cardona.

The board mentioned some minor policies that still need to be worked out amongst school principals such as rules involving shoes and belts.

Board members also mentioned the possibility of fundraisers and donation programs to help less fortunate families.

Overall the aim is to promote a safe and unified school environment while easing the cost for mom and dad.

"Parents are for it. For those parents that have 3 or 4 kids in one household," said Rios.

 "It's going to be very convenient for them."

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