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Ocean City mayor responds to FEMA flood maps

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Thousands of residents up and down the Jersey coast could soon be impacted by new FEMA flood regulations, and are left in limbo about whether they will have to raise their homes or not.

In an open letter to residents Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian is publicly calling out FEMA for issuing what he calls seriously flawed flood guidelines and issuing new flood maps based on incomplete data and analysis.

"We all know the maps were not done scientifically. They were rushed through," Gillian said.

After Hurricane Sandy, FEMA placed thousands of homes in what is referred to as the "V" zone or a severe flood zone. Which could have major ramifications for homeowners.

"Confusion. People are really nervous. I mean this their stock. Their homes are everything," Gillian said.

Many houses held up fine during Sandy, but many of those houses are now in the V zone or the flood zone,which may require them to be raised.

"One day you read a letter saying that the V zones are going to stay V zones the next day you read a letter saying be optimistic some of the things may not stay v zones."

Kristin Young is just one homeowner in the middle of this mess. Her house was raised, but is still sitting on blocks waiting to be lowered on a new foundation.

Kristen has voiced her concerns along with many others in South Jersey, but now it's a waiting game.

"Please be patient and know that, you know the city of Ocean City is working really hard to get all of the facts and information so we can save these properties and continue to make your home worth what its worth," Young said.

City Officials in Ocean City are scheduled to meet with coastal engineers to help correct the problem.

As for Kristin she's not holding her, breath but is hoping for the best.

"I just hope the township fights for the V zones to be allowed in some places and I think they will cause they know the maps are wrong," Young said.

All Cape May County mayors are scheduled to meet with state commissioners tomorrow to discuss possible revisions and new information will be posted on ocean city's web site.

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