AC visitors share opinions on Internet gambling -

AC visitors share opinions on Internet gambling

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Governor Christie hasn't completely shot it down, but he has added his two cents to the proposed Internet gambling bill.

The Governor would like to see a greater percentage of the revenue go to treat gambling addiction and conduct annual reviews of the system and a reevaluation of the bill after 10 years.

For people strolling the boardwalk in Atlantic City, the safety of the regulated gambling and the revenue it would create is appealing.

"I think there should be restricted gambling," said Atlantic City visitor Paul O'Donnell.

"I think Internet gambling should be approved. It brings in a lot of revenue for the county and the state," said Sharon Cross of New York.

And as casinos in nearby states compete with Atlantic City for business, some would like to see the bill passed sooner rather than later and see the conditional veto as a delay.

"It's going to be too late. I come down here not quite often but I go to Philly once a month, its so easy for me to go there," said Joe Lovetri of Hillsborough, New Jersey.

The bill can be addressed in scheduled meeting sessions February 14th, 21st and March 21st.

While everyone we spoke to tonight seem to be in favor of the online gambling bill, some think the state can go even further to bring in gambling revenue.

"Like Pennsylvania, if you have a racetrack, bring the tables and slot machines in there, that's what I think," said Lovetri.

If the state legislature is able to meet the conditions put forth by Governor Christie, visitors here in Atlantic City are anxious to see how Internet gambling will affect the state, and local economy.

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