Atlantic County faces nor'easter -

Atlantic County faces nor'easter

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Violent waves and streets covered in water has been a sight all too familiar to South Jersey residents over the past few months.

And as the latest nor'easter makes its way into our area, county officials monitoring the storm say South Jersey will dodge the worst of it.

"I hate to use the term that we lucked out again with the storm, even with the aftermath of sandy, but with the damage we had, even with this nor'easter, we kind of are going to luck out," said Director of the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management, Vince Jones.

But even a glancing blow from this storm has brought large waves to Absecon Inlet and flooded streets in Atlantic City's west end.

Even months removed from Sandy, the loss of dunes and bulkheads leaves the city with weakened defenses.

"You have water that's going to come up the beach, come up right up on to the end of the street ends and roll down the street and unfortunately into these basements into these crawlspaces and back into the first floor of some of these houses," said Jones.

And with the waves crashing in Atlantic City, the storm could bring more floodwaters to residents trying to rebuild from Hurricane Sandy.

"We're really concerned with the homes still open where construction had started and they're still exposed to water," said Jones.

"We're going to have waves, we're going to have flooding in the homes so it's kind of like a vicious repeat cycle for these homeowners."

A cycle that many Atlantic City residents are becoming familiar with.

"I'm actually worried but at the same time no. I've been living here the last three years. I don't think nothing is as bad as Sandy storm and this is where I live so I have to deal with it," said Atlantic City resident Ray Satyhait.

Dealing with it, the way the county has all year.

"We just have to keep watching," said Jones.

"And do what we can to protect the people and inform the people if necessary we'll take whatever action we need to, to help them."

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