Barrier islands brace for flooding -

Barrier islands brace for flooding; officials say they are prepared.

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Rain and wind hammered South Jersey all day Friday. Freezing temperatures and snow are set to arrive by 8 p.m. Friday. Public works crews on the barrier islands have been preparing since Wednesday and now say they are ready.

"Right now as it stands were all prepped and ready to go," Brigantine Director of Public Works, Ernie Purdy said.

Bulldozers in Brigantine piled sand and prepared the beaches. In Atlantic City Public Works crews are preparing for flooding.

"We're making sure all the drains are cleared out and making sure all the areas are available for flooding," Foley added.

Public works crews have been working around the clock to get the city ready for this nor'easter. One of their primary concerns is tidal flooding which is predicted to peak at about 8 feet. One solution to offset that concern is by filling in beach paths and keeping the water from entering the city.

"Sandy was 11 ft. So you figure it will be three feet less than Sandy at the very least. You are talking about flooding in the streets, you're talking about some possible flooding in some houses."

Forecasters predict the flooding on the barrier islands will be at its worst with Saturday mornings high tide.

Emergency management officials are warning those near the bay.

"Were asking people in the low laying areas, they all know where they are. Bungalow park, Ducktown, Venice park, Chelsea Heights to move their vehicles to higher grounds," Foley said.

Residents we spoke with say they are ready to wait out the storm.

 "I have no concerns. I'm probably gonna end up at the Ocean Beverage, get a couple bottles of wine, get a couple blocks of cheese and crackers," Brigantine resident Sarah Huff said.

Sarah will be able to enjoy that cheese at home as no evacuations have been ordered at this time.


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