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NJ Lawmakers support a bill to prevent the construction of jughandles

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Some New Jersey lawmakers are trying to extinguish the so-called "Jersey Left".

It's the kind of traffic turn around that the residents of New Jersey are use to, but for some it's one they say can cause drivers to take a turn for the worse.

"I think they are stupid in my opinion, only because a lot of time when you are not familiar with an area, you don't necessarily know that in a jughandle you go to the right," said New Jersey driver, Derek Kubont.

That's why State Senator Jim Holzapfel is supporting a bill that would prevent the construction of jughandles.

"We have intersections where the volume of traffic is so great. That the jug handles just don't function."

Senator Holzapfel, from Ocean County first filed the bill in June of 2003, and has resubmitted it every two years since.

This is the first time the bill has been selected for committee review.

If the bill is eventually passed it does not mean that the existing jughandles would be removed, just that they would no longer be part of planning when it comes to the future construction of New Jersey roads.

But it isn't just Holzapfel who feels these so called "Jersey Lefts" are a danger to motorists.

"Who has the right away? How do you turn off? Who is really in control of the situation? They really do tend to be a very difficult traffic circumstance to navigate," said Senator Jeff Van Drew.

But other public officials like Assemblyman Chris Brown say removing them all together in his opinion, is still on the table.

The bill will have a chance to advance to full Senate consideration during next weeks committee vote.

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