Super Bowl power outage helped boost business for bars -

Super Bowl power outage helped boost business for bars

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Super Bowl Sunday is always a busy day for many bars around the country.

And many bars found themselves with nearly an extra hour of business this year, after the Superdome suffered a lengthy power outage during the game.

It was a Super Bowl like no other; you had your winners and your losers, but this game had something no other Super Bowl in history has ever had…a power outage.

"It was just neat though it was just something else to add to the Super Bowl it was the best one I saw in years," said football fan Ray Mahoney.

And as the lights went out and stayed out in the Superdome, profits went up for many local businesses like bars.

"It was good it gave people another 45 minutes to hang out, obviously for business it was excellent another 45 minutes of business," explained John Exadaktilos, owner of Ducktown Tavern. 

"I'm sure no other bar was complaining."

The outage happened in the beginning of the 2ND half and lasted for nearly 34 minutes.

For local businesses it couldn't have happened at a more opportune time, forcing many viewers to stay in their establishments.

"No one left in a game like that you can't leave it was in the 3rd quarter why would you leave," Exadaktilos said.

And as fans patiently waited for play to resume, they probably found themselves ordering more than what they anticipated.

"I would say people were sitting drinking and eating more, 31–34 minutes that's a pretty long time to sit there and have a delay on a game," Mahoney said.

"Well yeah we were here for awhile ordered a few more things a few more drinks," said football fan John Simonson.

The unexpected outage, boosted business so much that some owners are even hoping that events like this would happen more frequently.

"I hope every major game has a power outage at least a half an hour or more," expressed Exadaktilos.


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