Anti-drinking and driving video will feature Galloway family -

Anti-drinking and driving video will feature Galloway family

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The South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance is producing an anti-drinking and driving video, thanks to a $5000.00 grant from State Farm.

Iris Muniz is opening her heart, and opening her home to tell the story of her son, in hope's that his sobering tale will inspire others to live a different life.

"I was thinking it was just a normal traffic accident, but then I got out of my house. I saw my son, and I was scared. I felt a lot of pain when I saw my son."

It's been five years since Christian Muniz was involved in an underage drinking and driving accident, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury.

The Muniz family now spends day in and day out caring for him, and it won't be long until everyone has the chance to hear his story.

"We are doing a video about Christian Muniz and his family after the accident, designed to educate teens about the consequences of drinking and driving," said Teresa Thomas, with the South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance.

Thanks to a $5000.00 grant from State Farm, the South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance is producing an anti drinking and driving video that will be distributed to local high schools to be shown during prom season.

"We hope that the age of the scenario, the drinking, the partying, having fun with friends and racing, will connect with the kids," said Thomas. "And that it will have an impact and change their behaviors."

An impact that will enable the children of today to live their lives to the fullest, unlike Christian Muniz who's dream to become a famous musician was taken away all too soon.

"It's hard to do it, to take care of my son, to see my son in this chair, and in this condition. It's really, really painful."

After prom season, the video will be modified to have more information for parents, in regards to the rules associated with teens that have a graduated drivers license.

Five people were involved in the accident that injured Christian Muniz. According to officials Muniz do not cause the accident.

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