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Local woman celebrates 100th birthday

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Many friends gathered Sunday afternoon to celebrate the 100th birthday of Betty Fischer.

"I've been surfeited with many friends that have come to wish me well," said Fischer.

Born on February 3, 1913 to what she said was a family of clergymen who came to Philadelphia from the coal regions of Pennsylvania, Betty looked back on her life and shared the story of how she met her husband of 69 years when she was just a child.

"I was seven and there was another fellow playing in the street and he came and said at the age of nine, he said I'm going to marry that girl some day."

Betty's daughter Barbara, granddaughter Jill and great granddaughter Hannah helped celebrate and tell about items Betty has passed down to them through the years.

"Antiques, I have all her recipes and cookbooks. We just try to keep these memories going, those things that are special to her," said Betty's granddaughter Jill.

Betty's daughter Barbara credits her mother's healthy lifestyle for helping her achieve her goal of turning 100.

"She exercises everyday or every other day. She eats very healthfully, she plays bingo and cards, she keeps herself very busy," said Betty's daughter Barbara.

Betty thanked her longtime friend Carole for helping to organize the special day, who was happy just to see Betty happy.

"A lot of friends, just a great example, a great inspiration, just a wonderful person," said Betty's friend Carole Hummel.

"I'm so thankful for my friend Carole who has made this day a perfect day for me and to have so many friends come celebrate," said Betty.

And rather then pick out individual memories over the last century, Betty chose look at the whole picture.

"I really can't remember any particular episode that I can relish and think back on," said Betty.

 "Cause I've lived such a wonderful, full life."

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