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HS athletes receive pro-style injury assessment

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Still a few weeks away from the start of the season, members of the baseball team at Holy Spirit High School participated in functional movement screenings to help ensure a healthy season.

These movement screenings are common at the pro and collegiate levels, but Holy Spirit is the first school in the region to receive the tests.

Physical therapist and Holy Spirit alum Dr. Ryan Buccafurni administered the tests.

"Its seven movement patterns we put the athletes through. After we put them through the patterns we can identify if they have any asymmetries or possible strength deficits or tightness that is inhibiting movements," Dr. Buccafurni.

The tests look at everything from the shoulders to the knees and hamstrings.

Dr. Buccafurni says the tests mimic the movements that athletes would use in a game setting.

For members of the Holy Spirit coaching staff, the increased health of the players means a stronger performance on the field.

"It pays off, it pays dividends for his team and they really do have a cutting edge when it comes to competition, physically and mentally," said Holy Spirit speed trainer David Klemic.

And even though the baseball fields at Holy Spirit are snow covered at the moment, several players saw these screenings as the beginning of their journey towards a state championship this spring.

"It helps everyone. We never had stuff like this before but Coach Soifer and Holy Spirit is really getting our program to the next step helping us out," said baseball player Robert Boselli.

"I think it will definitely help prevent injuries. I pulled my hamstring last year so it will definitely help," said Brandon Ott of the Holy Spirit baseball team.

Dr. Buccafurni will work with the coaching staff to fix any flaws he may find.

"We feel we have enough knowledge now to bring injury prevention to the high school level. It shouldn't be just done at the professional or collegiate level. We have the ability, we have the research to start bringing it here."

Dr. Buccafurni will return in a few weeks to once again screen the players and help prepare them for the start of the season.

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