Surprise snowstorm hits South Jersey -

Surprise snowstorm hits South Jersey

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As South Jersey residents were getting going Friday morning, snow was lightly falling across most of the region, but in Cape May County the snow was blinding.

"Totally unexpected.  We came in thinking there was going to be a few flurries and then we got slammed pretty good," said Joseph Walton, assistant supervisor for the Cape May County ground shop.  Supervisor of the ground shop, Ken Martin, said, "When we first got here we didn't see anything, but around 7 o'clock it really started snowing - just hammering us through 'til almost 11."

Most of South Jersey saw snowfall totals ranging anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, but some parts of North Cape May County found themselves buried in up to 7 inches of snow.

Scott Madden, general supervisor for the Crest Haven section of the Cape May County roads department, explained, "As soon as we got here we had to jump right in the trucks.  We didn't have time to really get a game plan together.  We kind of just went at it."

Public works officials say that when they showed up for work Friday morning, they were just as surprised as everybody else.  Ken Martin told NBC40, "It got very hectic this morning unfortunately.  We try not to. We try to be very prepared, but once in a while when something like this hits you're not ready for it.  So yeah, we were running around like crazy this morning, but things have clamed down.  Now we're in good shape."  

Officials from Cape May County said they had around 15 plow and salt crews working throughout the day.  Some of the plow truck drivers NBC40 talked to said they witnessed several accidents as the snow was still coming down.  Madden said, "I saw three personally.  One was in the woods, one took out a pole, another one on the parkway was in the median and I heard about five or six others from different sections of the county."

Dale Foster, Cape May County director of public works, said, "Obviously this morning the roads were a little treacherous but this afternoon now that the sun is out and the salt has taken effect, the roads are pretty clear now."

Despite the surprise snow this morning, officials say that they're also prepared for any type of snow that South Jersey may get this weekend.  Joseph Walton, assistant supervisor for the Cape May County ground shop, said, "We got a couple guys staying for a few hours and then a few guys coming in tomorrow morning, possibly Sunday morning as well."

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