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A.C. newest firefighters face the elements in week four of training

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Training continues for Atlantic City's thirteen newest firefighters, in week four of their instruction.

It's the kind of job that never gets a day off. Rain, shine or snow, Tim Brining says these first responders are ready for the call.

"Coming out here, even though it's icy, we are still going up there."

Learning what it takes to perform in the snow and ice was part of week four of training for Atlantic City's thirteen newest fire fighters.

"When we get out there one day, we are going to have to perform in the snow and ice, so I think it's a great way to practice and get ready for the job," said recruit, Adrian Wilson Jr.

Firefighters will search the second floor of a burning building in case anyone is inside. If all of the stairwells to get outside are blocked, they remove them through a window.

There will be firefighters on the other side waiting to help with the rescue.

Mauro Sandoval says when in this type of position, depending on your fellow firefighters to care for the victim is key.

"You have to communicate, it's so important to communicate. You really utilize the teamwork aspects that we all have been learning these past couple of weeks."

The learning isn't just hands on. Each morning the recruits listen to lessons, and take tests on the skills they need while in the field.

"What you still don't know after you read, you get to go out and experience first hand. Put the two together, and boom," said recruit, Eric Koob.

Patrick McDevitt says it is all coming together, as half of their training has officially come to an end.

"We all are doing well no one is slacking and everyone is doing their own thing. Getting everything done. We are coming together as a group pretty well."

NBC40 will continue to follow the recruits once a week for the remainder of their training.

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