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Ocean City fire dept. gives $13,000 in food and furniture to Sandy victims

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Fire fighters in Ocean City answered a very special call. The guys down at Engine One on Asbury Avenue spent the day sorting through thousands of dollars worth of food and furniture to give to those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

One by one the they were stacked, sorted and piled: Beans, laundry detergent, snacks, soap and so much more, all the essentials for a family in need.

"The fire union received a generous donation from the St. Sue foundation out of Philadelphia to help the non-English speaking community," Ray Clark of Ocean City Fire said.

Most families are of Mexican decent, and after Sandy, many of these people did not have the language skill necessary to find the help they so desperately needed.

Now, three months after Sandy, many are still out of work and unable to rebuild their lives.

"We also found that people were still sleeping on floor cause their mattresses had gotten wet in the storm," Clark added.

The money to purchase the food, furniture and personal items came from three donors and was directed toward the firefighters union. Each family that will receive a care package was individually approved. Each care package was unique in that it was designed for a specific family.

The families receiving these gifts told us in Spanish they couldn't be more grateful and then tried as best they could in English to show their gratitude.

"We are very happy because you guys help us and this time we really appreciative," one man said in broken English.

In total $13,000 was donated of which $4000 will go directly to furniture. Firefighters say this is about a community coming together and their next burning issue will be to help these people get back to work.

"As a fireman we help people so today we are not putting out a fire or helping medically, were helping get through life," Clark added.



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