New law gives merchants option to charge consumers card fees -

New law gives merchants option to charge consumers card fees

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A new law may cost consumers using credit cards a little more after every swipe.

Consumers may want to check their receipts after swiping their credit cards because they may find that they are being charged a little extra after a new law that went into affect Sunday.

"I'd be mad it's my money and I work hard to make my money I don't want you to take it just because I'm buying something from you," said Elizabeth Flack.

"It would actually take a little out of everyone else's pockets and it would be nice to see that lawmakers would actually be fighting for your average consumer," said John Mooney.

The new law now allows businesses the option of charging consumers the processing or check out fee that comes with every credit card transaction.

These are the same fees that merchants were once accountable for, and making the consumer pay is something that not all business owners agree with.

"If you're using credit cards in business and that's ok and you should pay a fee, I should pay a fee but that's where it should end," said business owner Mike Bocello.

"With the state of the economy and the way things are in South Jersey right now I think it's tough for the consumer now.  To pass that on to them I don't think that's fair," expressed Jeff Thomas owner of Charlie's Bar & Grill.

Cash businesses like Charlie's Bar and Grill have always shied away from using credit cards but they still agree with the law being passed.

"They should have the option to do it but to pass it onto the consumer it would be tough for a business owner to do that," Thomas said.

Not everyone agrees that businesses should have the option of charging the consumers.

"I don't even believe businesses should have the advantage to charge someone because it truly would be an advantage," expressed Mooney.

Although consumers may not like it, the choice is now in the hands of businesses.

Any business that chooses to add the fee to credit card purchases will be required to post a sign in their shops, but the best way to avoid being charged an extra fee is by sticking with cash.

Ten states still have laws that ban merchant surcharges, and most major chains have said they won't take advantage of the new option.



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