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Ocean City offers free rabies shot of animals

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It's check up time in Ocean City but this doctor's visit is only for those who walk on four paws.

"We're doing a free rabies clinic for the City of Ocean City," explained Jenna Callender of the Humane Society.

The Ocean City Humane Society, in their annual rabies clinic offered residents an opportunity to bring their pet to get the free shot, a shot that is required by law yearly.

It's just one of a lot of wonderful services the city offers for free it really makes it easy it's just a wonderful thing," expressed Anna Bogan.

"Oh it's great, it's a couple blocks away, it doesn't cost, it's nice to be able to do that in your home town," said Ryan Givens.

Due to the frigid temperatures, the Humane Society not only moved the event indoors but to the city clerk's office where they were able to give the animals their shots quickly and efficiently.

"Two minutes, two minutes in an out and all sorts of legitimate," Bogan said.

"We had a great turnout we've had about 85 dogs and cats so far, so they're all getting their shots and micro chipping that's what you need to do," said Callender.

But for those who may not have taken advantage of Saturday's free clinic should keep in mind that your animal should receive his/her rabies shot annually in order to keep them safe.

"It's very important especially in a town like this where all the dogs are going to be close to each other you want to make sure all the dogs are safe," said Givens.

"It's very important if you have a dog outside, cat outside they need to have their rabies shot if they get involved with a squirrel, raccoon, you never know anything could happen the safest thing to do with animals is to get their shots," Callender explained.

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