Atlantic County braces for snow -

Atlantic County braces for snow

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As the flurries came down, trucks departed the Atlantic County Public Works headquarters filled with salt and ready to take on the weather.

"We started yesterday brining the county streets. We have 373, 374 miles of county roadway plus parking lots and sidewalks around the different county facilities," said department head of Atlantic County Public Works Bill Reinert.

Using salt and a mixture of salt and water called brine, Reinert says 75 to 100 people are ready to cover the streets and keep them free of ice.

"We have about 12 trucks that are set up for brining. A few of those trucks when they are finished with that will switch over to applying salt. We have about 30 trucks we use for applying salt and that's basically dealing with the roads," said Reinert.

The threat of snow around the county today was enough to cancel afternoon classes at Atlantic Cape Community College leaving the campus deserted.

"Well I didn't think it was going to snow but I guess it started to snow and I thought it was pretty stupid that they canceled classes but now its snowing so I guess its not stupid," said ACCC student Sarah Lovell.

And as the night progressed and it appeared ice covered roads would be more of a threat than snow covered roads, salt truck crews prepared to work through the night.

"The less traffic that goes on the road, the colder the asphalt gets and when the asphalt gets a certain temperature it can actually flash over and freeze and cause a lot of problems, especially bridges are made of concrete and concrete freezes before asphalt," said Ron Mayer of NJ DOT.

So as the snow falls and temperatures begin to drop, trucks will continue to salting county roads to keep motorist safe.

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