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A.C. newest firefighters learn "close quarter" emergency situations in week three of training

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Training continues for Atlantic City's thirteen newest firefighters, in week three of their instruction.

It's the job they signed up to do, but when danger is looking them straight in the face, getting the job done recruit Patrick McDevitt says can prove to be difficult task.

"The spaces were so tight, there was barely any room for breathing when you were getting through."

Three weeks into their training, Atlantic City's thirteen newest fire fighters are feeling the burn, as they had to use almost every muscle in their body, sometimes even had to remove parts of their gear, to maneuver through an extreme close quarters emergency course.

"It's important because they are going to go into these buildings that are older and it could have structure collapses, and major collapses," said Captain Angelo Demaio.

As Mauro Sandoval found out, one lacked element can make the simplest task seem almost impossible, leaving these men to find their way out of the dark.

"You have to trust all of your senses, except your eyes, because it's simulating, if it's really smoked out, and you cant see, not even your hand in front of you."

The second element of the course simulates an upstairs search and rescue. Once they reach a point in the course a trap door causes them to collapse. They may be hurt, and need to call for back-up.

And as week three comes to an end, more help and training is what these recruits say they need.

"We have 5 more weeks. Do I think we are ready now? No. But I think we will be in 5 weeks," said McDevitt.

NBC40 will continue to follow the recruits once a week for the remainder of their eight-week training.

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