Worlds largest pipe organ is being restored; Could take years to -

Worlds largest pipe organ is being restored; Could take years to complete

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The world's largest pipe organ is being restored and the project could take nearly a decade to complete.

It's a sound many haven't heard in years, but after what could be a decade of repairs in the making, the Organ Restoration Committee hopes it will once again be music to the ears of Atlantic City.

"We want to get something operating as quickly as possible so we can let our community know what we have here," said Jeff Vasser, the President of the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority.

The pipe organ was built in partnership with Boardwalk Hall in 1929. Making it the world's largest pipe organ, residing in 8 rooms throughout the building.

The 33 thousand pipes all come together to create some of the most marvelous music some say they have ever heard.

Those working to fix the organ say the possibilities are endless, once the many problems from years without maintenance are fixed.

"Its relay problem, magnets, because of the age of the instrument some of the leather has deteriorated over time," said Steve Jones who is working to repair the instrument.

Fixing these problems, the committee says could be a ten million dollar project, but hope the attention of a documentary crew from "Ultimate Restorations" will be good exposure for them, as well as the television series.

"It makes great television which is why we are making it into a television show. But it's also important because it really is keeping history alive," Said the producer and director for "Ultimate Restorations", Terry Strauss.

Anyone interested in donating to the Organ Restoration Project, can find out how to do so by clicking "Organ Restoration Project".

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