Cold weather affecting businesses along the Jersey Shore -

Cold weather affecting businesses along the Jersey Shore

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While this bitter air continues to hang over South Jersey, many businesses in our area are either seeing a big boost in business or a major slow down.

We haven't felt anything like this in two years and every where you go, it's the same story. Either no one is outside, or they are really bundled up.

Some Construction guys in Margate took the day off Tuesday because it was so cold, but now they are working through it.

They say the brisk wind is almost violent. It's like it's going to cut your face off," one of the workers said.

The heater technicians over at Mcallister's say this is show time.

"When we get weather like this, the phones ring, people need help," Bob Mcaliister said.

Mcallister says a lot of people rely on kerosene heaters or wood stoves, but when it gets this cold they need central heat.

"If it gets really cold you got to take some precautions, one of the simplest thing is to open up the cabinets under the sink to let the heat in where it might not normally get. Turn on a very little trickle of water, that will help move the water through the pipes so it wont freeze," Mcallister said.

Experts also say don't heat your home with your oven and never leave home with a space heater on.

"During This type of weather you always hear about fires caused by space heaters, so please be very careful, never put an electric heater in a bathroom," Mcallister explained.

While the construction guys and the heater repair men are busy outside. Over at Shrivers in Ocean City the machines have stopped, there's nobody in the store, nobody on the boardwalk,  and it seems this cold air has really taken a bite out of their business.

"This is extra slow. I think just because it's so chilly. People don't want to go out. It's bitter. It's so cold to go outside," Shrivers manager, Holly Kisby said.

Shrivers says busy or not, they are staying open and nothing can warm you up like some fresh fudge and taffy.

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