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Middle Twp. gathering input on ways to develop open spaces

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Middle Township officials are hoping to promote and improve their township by making the most of their open spaces.

After a small grant and township wide survey, they are asking residents for ideas on how to develop the vast amounts of open spaces throughout the area.

"Oh it's tons of space, the first time I walked through I was surprised at how much space was on that property," said Middle Twp. resident Jay Eppenbach.

With plenty of open space available; the question for Middle Twp. residents and officials is what to do with it that was their primary focus Tuesday night as they attempted to adopt a plan that would create new ways to utilize these spaces.

"The open space and recreation plan is a very important part of our overall development goals for the community and it involves setting goals and objectives on how we want to develop our open space in Middle Township," explained Elizabeth Teremik.

After receiving an $8,000 open space and recreation grant to conduct a survey, the township decided they needed the public's opinion to come up with more ideas.

"This has sort of steamed rolled into a greater opportunity for us we realized through the process that there are so many environmental areas here that offer opportunities for passive recreation and viewing wildlife," said Middle Twp. Mayor Dan Lockwood.

I'm here at fort apache recreational complex in Middle Twp., one of the many open spaces throughout the township that residents and officials are looking to transform.

"I'm excited my big hope that it is used for a lot of recreational purposes," Eppenbach said.

"Ultimately our goal is to develop recreational facilities for seniors and children for the whole community to give our residents a greater opportunity here but also our visitors a greater opportunity," Lockwood said.

But recreational activities are not the only plans for these properties.

"It's important to conserve it just for wildlife habitat and open space preservation of the environment and the community feels very strong about that,"  Teremik said.

Now that the township has a list of ideas the next step is finding ways to fund them.

"There's funding out there you just have to have good projects that's been well thought-out and support from the public," Teremik explained.

The township plans on taking the next month or so to revise the plan before they hold another public meeting early March.

They are hoping to have a finalized report completed sometime in April.



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