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Lower Twp. considering new ordinance to allow curbside scrapping

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Metal scrapping has made headlines for the last several years as prices hit record highs as the economy suffered. Now one local community wants to regulate scrapping and is proposing a new ordnance that could end up being a win–win for everyone.

Tuesday is trash day in the Villas section of Lower Township and metal objects line the curb. One would normally think if it's in the trash its fair game for the taking.

But an ordinance in Lower Township prevents scrappers from taking from the curb, and now township officials want to change that.

"I am going to ask the council to revisit the ordinance so that we register the scrappers in our town to make sure we know who is operating," Township Manager, Mike Voll said.

The reason behind the new proposal is simple. If the scrapping is regulated, the town is safer and more money will come in.

"My concern is the bottom line that we get the tonnage reports, we identify the scrappers, god bless them keep the money, feed your families do what you have to do but I want the tonnage reports so I can get money from the county M.U.A and the state," Voll added.

Every piece of metal that comes into to Raffs Recycling is recorded. At the end of the month, townships like Lower will receive a report called a tonnage report. Those numbers will help determine how much each township receives from the county and state in rebates and grants.

"Last year I received a check for 142,000 dollars from the M–U–A, 42,000 from the state, and the scrap metal that we sold to a local scrap dealer brought in over 26,000 dollars," Voll said.

"The price of metal right now and the tonnage means a lot to the towns. Its not like it used to be. Its expensive today," Charles Raff said.

Counties and the state pay incentives to cities and towns that recycle, so if the business is regulated and scrapers get their metal, this could be a win–win for everyone.

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