Atlantic City declared Code Blue; Homeless rescued from the stre -

Atlantic City declared Code Blue; Homeless rescued from the streets

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As the temperature continues to drop, city officials in Atlantic City have declared a Code Blue.

It's the kind of weather that calls for gloves, scarves, and hats, all of which will help you stay warm when facing the bitter cold, and dangerous zero degree winds, but there are a few who don't have the luxury of owning these items.

"Most of them are homeless, and there's no place to go and weather like that could be dangerous to their health," said Pastor Bill Warner of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

The Office of Emergency Management says it's because of the homeless people, that Atlantic City has declared a Code Blue.

The Code Blue went into effect at 6:00 P.M. but rescue teams have been searching the city for those in need of shelter since Tuesday morning.

"It's a very dangerous situation. We could have people die with this type of weather condition. And we want to make sure that doesn't happen. That's why we are sweeping and we urge people to not stay under the boardwalk, and not stay in abandoned buildings," said Tom Foley, the Director of Emergency Management.

So far police and rescue teams have only found three homeless people living on or under the boardwalk.

They will continue to search until the city is no longer declared Code Blue, however anyone they do find will be taken to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

Mark Engler is in charge of finding Atlantic City's homeless for the rescue mission. Once he brings them back, they are given food, warmth, and health care.

Engler also says that they are welcome to stay there until they get back on their feet.

The Code Blue will remain in effect for Atlantic City until Saturday morning.

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