Paranormal experts explore Absecon Lighthouse -

Paranormal experts explore Absecon Lighthouse

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Team members of New Jersey Researchers of Paranormal Evidence searched high and low through Absecon Lighthouse Saturday night in search of paranormal activity experienced by visitors and lighthouse staff.

Using high tech cameras and voice capturing equipment, NJ R.O.P.E. hopes to communicate with these possible spirits.

"Tonight's NJ R.O.P.E's chance to come in and try to validate some of the things that have been around. Whether it be the British soldier upstairs in the lighthouse or different sounds of footsteps, smells," said NJ R.O.P.E. director Frank Lazzaro.

Teams of ghost hunters and paranormal experts explored the lighthouse from crows nest to oil house.

Some visitors have claimed to see shadowy hands grabbing the railing of the stairs in their visits to the lighthouse.

In addition to the seven people that NJ R.O.P.E. says have passed away on lighthouse property, paranormal experts were hoping to contact the lost souls of shipwrecked sailors lost in the nearby inlet.

"Historical proof of 64 shipwrecks off the coast and with 64 shipwrecks, naturally many people died so there's always a possibility somebody can be in from that," said Lazzaro.

Lighthouse director of educational programs Milton Glenn welcomed the paranormal groups after some spooky experiences of his own.

"I heard the laughter of a small child, almost if it was a little girl. When the gentleman came up, he was by himself and I asked him I said are there more people in your party, are there others still coming up and he said no, its just me," said Glenn.

During our visit, the outline of a person was captured on one of several cameras set up and a fully charged camera battery belonging to one of the ghost hunters mysteriously burnt out.

Despite the sometimes eerie encounters, lighthouse staff is confident the spirits come in peace.

"We like to think that its just the keepers doing their job, protecting our ground," said Glenn

"That maybe its some of the folks that at one point called Atlantic City home or just don't want to leave Atlantic City for whatever purpose they have."

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