ACFD recruits learn how to run hose during week two of their tra -

ACFD recruits learn how to run hose during week two of their training

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Training continues for Atlantic City's thirteen newest fire fighters as week two wrapped up with a lesson on the proper way to run the fire hose into a burning building.

The task in front of these men looks like an easy one, but Atlantic City's thirteen newest firefighters say it's harder than it you would think.

"The water is a lot heavier than you think, when it gets fully charged, and when you are dragging it up stairs, you have to watch the kinks here and the kinks there," said fire recruit, Eric Koob.

They are learning the basics of the fire-hose. Starting from when it comes off of the truck, to extinguishing fires in buildings of all sizes. This is most important for Atlantic City's high-rise buildings.

"It's real important because our city is real dynamic, we have a lot of large buildings we have a lot of occupants and construction types," said Captain Angelo DeMaio.

This type of high-rise training is especially important for the Atlantic City Fire Department who is responsible for any type of emergency that might happen at one of the casinos.

In those types of fires the department must fill the buildings pipe system starting from the bottom before they can get that water supply to the top.

"You want to secure your water source from where the fire is going to be, so if the fire is on the 3rd floor, you want to secure it from the 2nd floor that way the fire rises up," said recruit, Mauro Sandoval.

But getting the water supply where it needs to be, the recruit's say is a group effort.

And with only two weeks of training under their belts the men say they have a lot of work left to do, but are ready for the task ahead.

Next week, the recruits will begin learning about search and rescue while on the job.

NBC40 will continue to follow the recruits once a week for the remainder of their eight-week training.

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