Health professionals provide advice on how to avoid getting the -

Health professionals provide advice on how to avoid getting the flu

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According to the New Jersey Health Department flu activity is up in all regions of the state, and even after getting the flu shot, many are still getting sick.

But health professionals in Atlantic County say they have a few easy remedies that could help you from catching the bug next.

"These natural remedies are less evasive and they work more in synergy with your body. Your bodies natural healing process," said owner of Pamela's Health and Harmony in Margate, Pamela Shuman.

Pamela Shuman recommends natural remedy products such as Oscillococcimun and Colloidal Silver.

In addition to using natural remedies health professionals say you should add fruits and vegetables to your diet, like lemons and ginger that will help strengthen your immune system.

"You have to have an over all eating plan, include those fruits and veggies to get in those anti-oxidants and immune boosting vitamins," said Dietitian Amanda Fischer.

Amanda Fischer is a registered dietitian and has been giving preventative flu advice to "Shoprite" customers.

She says diet alone can help you avoid not just the flu, but also other viruses all year long.

"If you are rounding out your plate, half fruits and vegetables, getting a quarter lean protein and a quarter whole grains it should be all you need to boost your immune system," said Fischer.

And if you already have the flu, these professionals say relying on that bowl of chicken noodle soup is the go-to health remedy.

The New Jersey Health Department says anyone who does get the flu should stay home for at least twenty-four hours after their fever is gone without the use of fever-reducing medicine.

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