Two loose dogs attacks a woman and three kids over the weekend -

Woman talks about being attacked by two large dogs

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A real-life nightmare came true for one Hamilton Twp. Police Officer, a woman and three small children after two large, one-hundred pound dogs attacked them in a small park over the weekend.

"Yes terrifying, unexpected, you don't expect to be attacked by two Rottweilers in a playground," explained victim Nicole DiBianca.

But that is what Nicole DiBianca and her small cousins were faced with Sunday afternoon, after two loose Rottweiler's entered the park where they were playing.

"I know the language and I know that they were aggressive, so they came in and they came in looking for movement and they were prowling and stalking, which is what scared me the most," said DiBianca.

Growling and showing other signs of aggression, DiBianca watched as the two dogs turned their aggression and their attention to her 7 year old cousin, who at the time was terrified and looking towards her older cousin for help.

"I could see a bunch of scenarios happening, so I did the best that I could to draw attention to me," DiBianco said.

Now with the attention of the dogs on her, DiBianca was attacked by the animals.

But as the brutal attack was going on, Hamilton Twp. police officer Craig Clayton came to aid of DiBianca and the children putting himself in danger as the dogs continued to attack forcing him to draw his weapon and fire.

"He really tried to do the best he could to injure the dog without having to cause final or serious injuries but it took more shots and things like that to actually get the dog to make him stop biting," DiBianca said.

Officer Clayton was forced to shoot the dog three times before the dog stopped the attack, walked off and died.

The second dog fled from the scene.

And for DiBianca, she says although this was a terrifying incident it still doesn't change her perception of dogs.

"Unfortunately it ended badly; I still love Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds and agree you should punish the deed not the breed.

DiBianca was treated at the hospital for minor injuries to her arm.

The dogs' owner refused to give any comment on what occurred.

According to police this was not the first incident involving these dogs.

Charges for the dogs' owner are pending further investigation.


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