Citizens rally along coastline in support of Sandy Relief Bill -

Citizens rally along coastline in support of Sandy Relief Bill

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With the remaining parts of the Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill up to be voted on Tuesday residents in hurricane impacted communities held rallies in several different locations in New Jersey and New York to make sure their cries for help are being heard.

"They need to hear us; they need to hear every single one of us," expressed Hurricane Sandy victim Donna Vanzant.

Chants for relief roared through the streets of Brigantine Saturday morning as residents and local politicians marched side–by–side hoping to show members of our country's legislature the importance of passing the remaining part of the Sandy Relief Bill on Tuesday.

"It's such an important issue it wasn't the time to sit back and watch it happen we have to be in the middle of it," explained event organizer Marjorie Goodman.

"Without this money on Tuesday life is a disaster on a disaster for them it is absolutely critical that we pass this," said Congressman Frank LoBiondo.

Designed to bring attention to the situation, the rally in Brigantine was organized in a matter of four days and was one of eight to take place over the weekend.

A total of nine rallies will occur before the senate and the house vote on the second part of the bill that will give an additional $50 billion in aid.

"With these eight walks going on right now all along the coastline they better sign that thing and say yes!  We've waited way too long for this approval way, way, way too long," Vanzant expressed.

"They have worked so hard to get to this point to stabilize their lives as best as possible but this money is vital for us to fully recover from this disaster," explained Mayor Philip Guenther.

And for many seeing so many people come out and show their support for not only themselves but their community was an amazing sight to see.

"On very short notice to have this show of support in just one of our communities is fantastic it kind of renews my spirit on how deeply people feel the need to move forward," LoBiondo said.

"It's heartwarming that everybody showed up and it's so important to our livelihood it's important to everybody," Vanzant explained.


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