ACFD recruits learn new equipment during week one of their train -

ACFD recruits learn new equipment during week one of their training

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Week one of training wrapped up on Friday for Atlantic City's thirteen newest fire fighters, who will be learning the "ins and outs" of the job for the next eight weeks.

The lifestyle of a fire fighter is one these men know can't be learned in just one week, but Atlantic City's newest hires say they never expected it to be this hard.

"I came in here with an idea of what it might be and then when I got here it was heightened so much more than what I thought," said firefighter recruit, Adrian Wilson.

But recruit Eric Koob say's the mental and the physical strain will be worth it in the end.

"I love learning all of the emergency techniques and what we will have to do when stuff escalates and hits the fan."

But before they can go into a burning building they need to finish learning the basics.

"There's a good amount of reading to do every night and then quizzes first thing the next day," said recruit, Tim Brining.

Once they learn terminology, it's time to officially gear up by learning the ins and outs of the oxygen tank.

"Today was the first day with them," said Mauro Sandoval. "Learned how to turn them off, clip them correctly and making a nice seal on your face."

Learning how to properly use and wear an oxygen tank is one of the most important basic training skills of becoming a fire fighter.

Not only could it save the life of a fire fighter inside of a burning building, Captain Angelo DeMaio say's it could also save anyone who might already be inside.

"We have rip packs and buddy breathers that are on our air packs and hoses we can pull out of them."

The recruits had a chance to use the tanks when they faced the smoke for the first time, in a simulated smoke house. Which these men say leaves them ready and willing to jump into action when the bell rings.

The new firefighters were hired thanks to a "SAFER Grant" awarded to the department two years ago.

NBC40 will follow their progress once a week for the duration of their training.

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