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Ocean City City Council changes home elevation requirements

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Ocean City City Council has voted to pass an ordinance raising newly built and renovated homes a foot above their current requirements.

"Right now houses are built base flood plus one and what we're doing is bringing it up to base flood plus two," said Councilman Scott Ping.

Base flood elevation is the height floodwaters from storms have a 1% chance of reaching each year.

The ordinance would apply to new homes being built and homes being renovated at 50% or more of the assessed value.

At the meeting, residents suggested council use caution, and make minor adjustments to ensure the new ordinance fits the needs of the public.

"I'm very much in favor with the principle of the ordinance and to hope, like the last speaker did, see council consider the hearing of the people and react to minor suggestions I think will improve it," said resident Mike Hyland.

"Anything that you as a council and the city can do to get these houses up as high as they can go, because what's going to happen over the time, as I said to the planning board, is what is good today is not going to be good tomorrow," said Bill McMahon of Ocean City.

Councilman Ping says the ordinance was first discussed six weeks ago before it returned to the planning board.

The Councilman says some residents are against the ordinance because houses in the city will be too high.

Despite this, the Councilman sees the ordinance as a way of preventing the severe flood damage seen in Sandy.

"A lot of people realized this is probably the best thing to do to ensure new houses in town is at a level that will not come under those same flooding conditions like we saw with sandy," said Councilman Ping.

City council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance.

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