Vineland Board of Ed discusses school uniforms -

Vineland Board of Education discusses school uniforms

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The Board of Education presented a school uniform policy to the public for the first time at a meeting Wednesday night.

The new policy would be mandatory with schools throughout the district wearing the same colors.

Board member and chair of the Policy and Personnel committee Diamaris Rios says the policy has been well received by teachers and parents.

"Its been brought up in board meetings in past years but we never moved forward with it and now that we have positive input with the whole entire district and throughout the community, we decided to move forward with it," said Rios.

After some debate by the board, the uniforms would consist of red, white or black polo shirts with boys in khaki pants and girls in pants or skirts.

The board says few have argued that the uniform will restrict personal expression among students.

Teachers and parents in the district say the uniforms will place more of an emphasis on schoolwork.

"They'll focus more on academics and less on what they look like. As a parent, I'm thrilled with school uniforms, it will make it a lot easier. I'm looking forward to that," said parent and teacher Colleen Forcinito.

Board vice president Susanne Morello hopes to establish a sense of community and unity in the district through mandatory school uniforms; more so than the optional uniform policy of years past.

"It gives a sense of community. To the school, you're easily identifiable and many, many teachers in the district when we had the policy dressed also in the school colors," said Morello.

"So it really gave just a family feeling."

The policy will be voted on at the board of educations February meeting.

If passed, the uniforms will go into effect at the start of the new school year in September.

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