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Local politicians reactions to Christie's State-of-the-State address

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After listening to the Governor's "State-of-the-State" speech, local politicians had mixed feelings on what the governor addressed Tuesday in Trenton, NJ.

"There is no question that sandy hit us hard, but there is also no question that we're fighting back with everything we've got," expressed Governor Chris Christie.

There's no doubt that recovering from Hurricane Sandy was the primary focus in Governor Chris Christie's State-of-the-State address Tuesday.

But the governor's speech caused different reactions amongst members of legislature on whether or not he covered enough.

"Governor Christie basically laid out his intentions, his plans, his accomplishments and where the state of New Jersey is heading," explained 2nd District Assemblyman John Amodeo.

"I think there were parts frankly where I was disappointed we really didn't hear any specifics how we are going to comeback from Sandy and there are other major issues the governor didn't touch on," explained 2nd District Senator Jim Whelan.

For some members of legislature, they wanted the governor to touch on more issues.

Issues like improving education, decreasing the number of foreclosed homes and lowering the state's unemployment rate which is currently above the national average.

"Very short on details very few specifics hopefully we'll hear more in the future both from the governor and other members of legislature these issues have to be address," Whelan said.

But with a $40 billion tourism industry in jeopardy, many politicians along with citizens are agreeing with the governor's decision to focus so much on hurricane recovery.

"Through his high approval rating through his job the direction the state is going in just proves he is doing the right job," Amodeo expressed.

But some say losing sight of the State's other problems is something we can't do in order for New Jersey to bounce back.

"Sandy is clearly a big part of our economic problem and the economic recovery and hopefully we'll get dollars for the federal government to help us rebuild," said Whelan.

"But that's part of it but it got to be a part of a bigger picture."

But regardless of their stance on Christie's speech, both Senator Jim Whelan and Assemblyman John Amodeo agreed that there is still a long road ahead in fixing the state's economy.



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