Cape May Sheriff's Office welcomes new bloodhound to K-9 unit -

Cape May Sheriff's Office welcomes new bloodhound to K-9 unit

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The Cape May County Sheriff's Office welcomed a new member to its K–9 unit, one who has a nose built for tracking.

Residents of Cape May County...say hello to West a pure bred bloodhound and the newest member and tracker in the Cape May County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit.

"It's very important we are the primary K-9 unit for Cape May County and with that it's our job to find people who are missing along with criminal investigations," explained Officer Russell Norcross of the Cape May County Sheriff's Office and West's trainer.

This five month old officer of the law comes to the county from the Allie Foundation that specializes in placing bloodhounds in police organizations.

West is set to begin a 12 week training program to replace one of the county's veteran bloodhounds, Audrey who is set to retire, making him one of two bloodhounds in a unit of eight K-9s with a unique skill set.

"Bloodhounds are different we do have our tracking dogs our police dogs but bloodhounds they differentiate scents," said Sheriff Gary Schaffer.

"What we can do with a bloodhound is give him a scent clue like a hat that was left behind and we'll we have him sniff the hat and tell him to go find that person," Norcross said.  "And he can do a trail through a crowd of people and successfully locate a specific person."

But West won't be the only bloodhound in the county training as a new program is on its way.

"We will be starting a police academy for bloodhounds next month it will be the first bloodhound training academy in the state of New Jersey partnered with the national police bloodhound association.

And with this new academy on its way, county officials say they are thrilled to bring in more dogs with west's keen ability for law enforcement.

"We are excited about having this opportunity to partners with the national bloodhound association and bring this course to law enforcement to Cape May in New Jersey," Schaffer said.

The county is currently looking for a nice family home for retired bloodhound Audrey.

And if anyone would like to make a donation or know more about the Allie Foundation visit this story on website and click on the link Allie Foundation.

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