Beach replenishment project underway in Avalon and Stone Harbor -

Beach replenishment project underway in Avalon and Stone Harbor

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A major beach replenishment project is underway in Cape May County as crews are working to replace beaches in two different cities that have been severely damaged as a result of major storms in the past two years.

Refill and repair is the a seven mile beach replenishment project has begun in Cape May County.

The project is one that will bring in more than 700,000 cubic yards of sand to help restore beaches in Avalon and Stone Harbor after they were damage from Hurricane Sandy and Tropical Storm Irene.

"Every job in the county of Cape May and the borough of Avalon is tied to one thing and that's sand being on the beach the economic impact of sand being on beaches is huge it's not a cost it's an investment that really repays the state over and over again," said Scott Wahl, Public Information Officer for the City of Avalon and Stone Harbor.

"We're getting about 300,000 cubic yards and stone harbor is getting about 400,000 cubic yards complete with some dune reconstruction, beach walkovers and eventually some dune grass and snow fences," said Mayor Martin Pagliughi of Avalon.

Officials announced that funding for the massive project was finally secured a little more than two weeks ago and it couldn't have come for at a better time.

"We are very fortunate that they are starting now because majority of the coastal towns beachfronts are vulnerable to the whole winter and northeast storms that we could potentially get," Pagliughi said.

"The benefit is always two fold sand and dunes always take the first brunt from mother nature, so there's property protection shall we face another storm and also we're have a huge recreational beach for 2013," Wahl said.

That's right, according to officials although there's a lot of work that still needs to be done they say project will be completed before the start of the tourism season.

"Absolutely the beach will be ready it's suppose to be by February then they are suppose to start in Stone Harbor, so provided we don't get any major storms this winter it will be ready and open in the Spring," explained Pagliughi.

The contract the two communities have guarantees that the project will be completed before Memorial Day Weekend.

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