Vineland welcomes first Hispanic Mayor to office -

Vineland welcomes first Hispanic Mayor to office

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The city of Vineland welcomed it's new mayor into office Wednesday after a long drawn out election process.

For those who don't know who is Ruben?

"Ruben is a long life resident of the city of Vineland for the past 56 years; owner and operated a business for 32 years and just a hard working man always wanting to do the best for the city of Vineland," said Mayor Ruben Bermudez of Vineland.

But Ruben Bermudez is a little more than a resident and business man in the city of Vineland as he officially took office Wednesday as the newly elected mayor...after winning a runoff against incumbent Robert Romano two weeks ago.

"I feel honored being here but now I can give back, now I can really give back to the citizens of Vineland," Mayor Bermudez said.

Although Bermudez did not win majority vote in the November's election, he says he knew he had a real shot to win the runoff election, which he did winning 56% of the votes making him the first Hispanic mayor of Vineland.

"It showed that people wanted a change and a change is here now," expressed Mayor Bermudez.

City Hall can expect new changes as well as Bermudez will bring along five new members to serve as city council; creating a team he truly believes will make a difference in the city.

"They have good backgrounds, these individuals that are coming in are hardworking people, they're educators some of them also have business backgrounds so that's a plus for the citizens of Vineland," said Mayor Bermudez.

And now that he is officially in office, Mayor Bermudez explained to me that his first plan of action as an elected official is to open up communication between the citizens of Vineland and government that serves them.

"I think it will be a great opportunity for us to move the city forward with the people we have in council now along with the mayor," explained Mayor Bermudez.

The new members of council will officially be sworn in Saturday at a ceremony at noon.



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