Sandy aid bill killed until next congress; residents outraged -

Sandy aid bill killed until next congress; residents outraged

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The 112th congress adjourned after the house Republican leaders refused to schedule a vote on the senate approved aid bill, causing it to be put off until next session when it will have to be reintroduced.

The move angered republicans and Democrats alike, who took to the house floor to speak their minds, many saying that New Jersey and the other states affected are being let down after supporting the rest of the country in the past.

"That the rules are going to change for us? And it is now not an emergency? And the federal government doesn't have a role in this? Absurd, absolutely absurd!," Republican Frank LoBiondo said. "We demand nothing less than what we have given the country. An emergency and disaster, means an emergency and disaster!"

Governor Chris Christie also had strong words for congress, especially the house majority leader John Boehner, a member of his own party.

"There's only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims, the house majority and their speaker, John Bohner," Gov. Christie said.

While all of this is receiving national attention, right here in South Jersey residents are not just frustrated anymore, but also angry.

While the storm was more than two months ago the scars are still fresh.  So many haven't even begun to rebuild yet because they simply don't have the money, and after hearing this news they say its like a kick in the stomach.

Trash and rubble still line the streets in the Ventnor. houses are unlivable. businesses are closed and residents are waiting for help.

"I lost everything"  "The estimate from the restoration company was over 130,000 dollars."

Fran Baronowitz comes back from time to time to check on her home, its gutted now. She wants to move back, but says congress needs to act before she can move on.

"I was hoping to move back into my house early 2013, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to move back into my house unless I get the funds to put it together," Baronowitz said.

Just down the street Rick Pitetti is fixing the outside of his home. He's already in the hole 15,000 and says he's more than frustrated now.

"We pay our taxes like everyone else and were not asking for a lot. Just a little bit of help. That's all. Its like talking to a brick wall sometimes," Pitetti said.

While this $60 billion bill is now dead until the 113th congress can be sworn in, its just another blow to those who are already down, Fran has a message for the new congress that will begin session on Thursday.

"They have to give in and work together to make it work," Baronowitz said.

Rick and Fran are lucky enough to have places they can stay nearby, but for so many they are going from hotel to hotel and family member to family member and need this help to happen soon.

Republican house majority leader Eric Cantor is in charge of the house schedule.

House Speaker John Boener says he is committed to getting the bill passed this month.

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